Saturday, March 13, 2010

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 7

HA! There was a guy on eBay (in the UK) selling euro-spec (same as JDM) turn signals. the buy-it-now was like 70 pounds. I got them for lik3 $30 shipped.

also a year ago yesterday i bought my car!

got my new Suspension Techniques 12mm rear sway bar installed along with TwosRUs adjustable end links.

new one vs old one
new urethane bushings vs old rubber bushings
new end links vs old end links
Euro lights came in today. plugs are the same and the turn signals work, but the running lights dont work...these have 2 bulbs instead of one so I'm gonna have to do some fanegleing to get it to work. but when it does it will be sah-weeet. also this next paycheck I think I'm gonna get a quick release hub for my steering wheel and also some brass shifter cable bushings.

Ordered a Grant quick-release hub for my steering wheel from amazon and Speed Source brass shifter cable bushings from twosrus

ok so today something good and something bad happened.

the good:
my jdm/euro lights are on and work great
the white is my running lights and the orange is my turn signals/flashers. it looks awesome

the bad:
a tiney little crack in my windshield appeared when i used a/c through the defroster to defog the windows a few days ago. when i washed my car it became over 4x bigger. i guess the glass was hot and the water was cold and i could literally watch the crack go up the glass. so now i need a new windshield. not cheap. i taped it in hopes it won't expand more.

shifter cable bushings installed.

Grant removable security hub thing is installed. ill have pics later.

ok so apparently installing stiffer front and rear motor mounts made my side mount fail. So i need a new motor mount (or to fill my current one with urethane)
AND my positive cable on my battery is so corroded teh metal is soft. How does one go about replacing that....i have no idea where the positive cable goes to....

this weekend was pretty productive
we installed bushings on sara's car ALL FKING DAY yesterday because her car was being anything but cooperative.
today i got my now-urethane-filled side motor mount back in. didnt make a difference. i guess its not the motor mount knocking around. also fixed my battery terminal.

TOM's Radiator cap is installed. yea i know shaddap its the only TOM's part you can still get for my car.

I ordered new spark plug wires, something I've needed to do for a while (looks like a rodent thought one of my wires was dinner)
Magnecor KV85 i do believe theyre called. It's whats on there now and theyre pretty nice. not cheap either

I have 2 new tires waiting to go on. will probably happen monday morning

my super awesome jdm tyte Tom's radiator cap installed

new Magnecor KV85 Competition plug wires installed

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