Tuesday, December 7, 2010

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 12

Dyke couldnt do it this morning so I ended up going to my mechanic in Mechanicsville (go figure) and got my car done to TRD Stage 1.....wow. going from a bad alignment (i never realigned the car after i switched springs from ST to TRD) to the TRD alignment......the change is unbelievable.
also on another note I highly recommend Jim & Glenn's Auto in Mechanicsville. Great people and great work
got the passenger side fender painted and installed today. I also painted the driver's side fender, but haven't replaced it yet. List remaining:
1. install driver's side fender
2. remove, sand, paint, reinstall front lip
3. ", ", ", " front valence pieces
4. paint front bumper..... this one i may just do on the car
5. contemplate painting the rest of the car

pics of black front end

now some people want me to paint the whole thing black, some people want me to leave it the way it is.....what do you think???

Seafoamed my car again today. There was next to NO smoke at all, just a tiny little bit. Goes to show how clean the inside of my motor is (seeeeee changing your oil ever 2500-3000 miles is a good thing.) Then I changed the oil. Put in Valvoline instead of Mobil1 because they were having a special deal on it at Advance (something like buy 5 qts and a K&N filter for like $27). While the car was up in the air I took a look at the rust hole in my bottom left corner and took off my mud flap to get a better look. NEVER "take a better look" cuz you will just be dissapointed. I need some real body work done.....

hooray! my massively expensive scoop doesnt fit right! gonna have to sand the ass off it just to let the engine lid close......sooooo pissed off

just bought this off a guy on the forums. Its for automatic transmissions only, but i will use it to replace the dummy button on my dash and will eventually wire it up to something or other.
Pics of scoop

ok so Billy did some work on my rear right fender dent today. it has gone from "seriously bad" to "meh ok"found a guy on the forums getting rid of his Momo steering setup, and bought his hub for $50 (they go for $75 or more new) and I'm buying a steering wheel (Momo Monte Carlo 320mm) from a guy on VADriven for $135 ($165 new). I'll probably need a $20 spacer for it to fit right but i'm pretty excited for a QUALITY steering wheel setup.

Still waiting on the hub...and will probably need a spacer but still anyway YAY

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